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Embarrassing moments pray never to encounter

embarrassed man

Once or twice or multiple times in one’s lifetime, an embarrassing situation must have taken place. Be it falling in a crowd, shrubbing when public speaking or having a boner in public. So lucky are you if none of those embarrassing situations have never seen their ways into your life. I wonder what type of lucky charm or juju you use and the next time you order it, get an extra dozen for me as some of  these unlucky and humiliating little embarrassing moments have a habit of sneaking into my life!


Confusing a letter or sound during pronunciation especially in a public event is very dehumanizing.Imagine presenting a public speaking where there are hundreds paying keen attention to what you’re saying and out of the blues you say Careb instead of Caleb. That is not the worst part as the worst of all is the laughter instead of sympathy and ignorance of the missaid word the audience gives you. Had you not the strength of holding tears back, they would find their way down your cheeks.

That is the moment one prays for a giant hawk to come down and grab you to a high place in the sky, away from the discomfort caused by the shrubbing.
I wonder if this issue of shrubbing is meant for specifics in my country as the community that I come from have a tendency of replacing ‘l’ with ‘r’ and vice versa. I henceforth officially that I am not to blame if I happen to shrub and the blame should be directed to the community.

2.Getting a boner in public

If you are male and not suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, then I am cock sure there is that one embarrassing situation where you got a boner in public. There is this kind of evil spirit that tells your manhood to to activate to full loading to the most inappropriate of times.
You go about all the tutorials you read and watched online on how to calm a boner but all ends up in vain. It so happens that the more you want your little friend to calm, the more turgid and rigid he gets! That is when you go a point where you know you don’t know.
I remember my little close personal friend( you know who) rose up to the occasion at some completely inappropriate situations such as during a class or when about to speak to an administrator while nervous and anxious. Then by bad chance, the teacher summons and instructs you do a sum on the in front the class or clean the board. One feels instantaneously like a bucket full of icy water being poured from head to toe.

3.Chosen to answer in class yet idealess

“A car moves at an average speed of 20m/s and there is a strong wind of 42m/s blowing against the car, calculate the height of the driver and determine whether he ate junk food the day before.” The teacher asks the class followed by a wave of raised hands less mine from the other students who want to answer.I am still reading the first volume of the ‘The Logic behind the criteria Teachers use to select those who will answer’ book by Confundindo Juan. Of all the hands that have been raised, the teacher selects you to answer the question though you have no idea at all yet you never raised your hands as they were as low that one would have thought they were legs!
You look around the class, the head is blank and all you can hear are the short giggles from the other students. Nothing embarrasses more than if you have your girlfriend as a classmate. One may resolve to undergoing a plastic surgery soon afterwards just to get away withe the shame.

Has any embarrassing situation occurred to you? How was the experience? Let me know in the comments section below.

What do you think?

Written by John


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