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Funny things Disney has taught us.


With cartoons and animation being some of the childhood memories all of us treasure, we were never left without a lesson. Disney being the biggest shareholder of those memories, has taught us many things indeed from the wide range of animations and cartoons it has produced.

Tweeps took it to Twitter with a variety of what they have learnt from Disney and trust me some of them are freaking funny. I bet most of you can relate to the following things Disney has taught us.

It’s okay to kiss a sleeping woman and she will wake and love you. Now to try this in real life

Princesses are good, Queens are evil- don’t get married girls.

That the best way to express sadness is to throw yourself on the near object and dramatically sob.

You can be a beast and still end up with a beauty!

Mermaids are hotter than land women
the least popular boy will hook up with a hot girl.

Cinderella taught me to be kind.

Aurora taught me to wait for the right time.

Belle taught me that beauty comes from within.

Snow White taught me to never trust someone that easy.

Jasmine taught me to never judge a person that quick.

Mickey’s actually a serial killer, ever think why he doesn’t remove his gloves?

The best way to find a girl is to look for a shoe and find out who owns it.

That every story can have a beautiful end.

A conversation isn’t complete without random outbursts of singing.

A Signature can be Your Brand .

A Mouse, a Duck , and a Goof can form an Alliance of Friendship .

If you want a two year old to shut up put a Disney movie on.

It took so many years to find Nemo, only to lose dory.

You will only meet the man of your dreams if you can sing.

When you wish apon a star you’re dreams come true.

If you kill your enemy, your world transforms from darkness to light.

Formula for love=get the animals on your side+sing him a song

What do you think?

Written by John


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