How Bloggers and Vloggers make Money

You might be wondering where some of your favorite YouTubers and blog owners make money from. Well, Youtube never pays users for uploading videos nor does Google pay bloggers for posting articles on the internet. If you have been thinking that Youtube pays youtubers by converting the number of views to money, then your whole life has been a lie. Now, where on

earth do these vloggers and bloggers get revenue from? Here are some of the most common ways they use to generate money from their content:


That (annoying) short video that plays before your intended Youtube video starts is one of the most common method vloggers generate an income from their channels. The Youtuber, through a google ads platform known as Adsense, earns when a person views the ad video to a certain length of time or when the viewer clicks the links in the ad and lands on the advertiser’s site.
This is quite similar to bloggers. The webmaster (blog owner) inserts a special code in their blogs at specific areas where they want the advertisements to be displayed. Once the ad is viewed or clicked when the person is on the blog, the blogger gets paid.

Product Endorsement

Another way through which blogging and vlogging earn owners cash is through featuring products from companies or organizations on their videos or articles. The two parties, the advertiser and publisher ( blogger or vlogger), agree on the cost of featuring their products on their content. Product endorsement is mainly done through reviewing a product and giving positive comments about it. This is common among Youtubers where they shoot videos which encourage viewers to use the products and through this they earn revenue.

Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever visited a site, suppose and landed on a post about or a service and when you click on one of those links you are redirected to another site? Well, publishers, through affiliate marketing, generate commissions ranging from 4-50% of the amount spent by a user when a link from the blog is clicked. This is especially common in e-commerce sites like Jumia Affiliate and Amazon Associates and also among betting companies. The affiliate marketing links are given in the descriptions below a Youtube video just like the way thespitted Youtube Channel.

Media Promotion

Upcoming musicians, app developers and social media influencers crave to have more listeners, users and followers. Blogger and Vloggers see this as a business opportunity and get paid by those who want to have a wider audience from their traffic by promoting their songs,
apps, social media profiles on their blogs or channels. They agree with the content creator( blogger or vlogger) on the cost.(This is actually where I get most of my cash
from my blog)
Now henceforth, it will be shere ignorance to hear you say that Google pays bloggers for posting articles on the internet or that Youtube converts the number of views on a Channel to money.
Now you know.

What do you think?

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