How to add an image to a Blogger blog post


Visual art has been proven to retain viewers on a blog article. Many people prefer reading a post that is accompanied with images. This results to your blog having many visitors, reduction of bounce rate, having high quality back links and hence better monetization of your blog.

When it comes to images on blogs, remember the issue of copyright infringement. Not all images you find in the internet are free to use. To be safe, unless you are using your own images, use images from royalty free stock images download websites.

To add an image to your Blogger blog post, which is very similar to adding a video, follow the following procedures carefully:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Create a ‘new post’ or ‘edit’ an existing post.
  3. Click on the ‘Image’ button on the formatting toolbar.
  4. Choose the source of the image either from ‘Upload’ ‘Google Photos’ or from ‘Image url address’
  5. Under ‘Upload’ select the images to upload the ‘add’.
  6. Under ‘Google Photos’ select the image(s) to upload from Google Photos the ‘add’.
  7. Under ‘Image URL’ add the link of the image address the ‘add’.
  8. Customize the title and alt text of your images and also choose the size. You can also link the image to a web address.

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