How to Google like a pro [infographic]


I bet you are using Google browser to view this blog and if you are not, then you lie under the 3% who use other browsers like Bing, DuckDuckGo, Baidu and a whole bunch of others.

Google is designed in such a way to provide the most relevant answer to any of your questions. This has been achieved through their patented algorithm that delivers almost the right answer to your question.
The algorithm uses almost human intelligence and ranks the answers to your query based on the position of certain words in your question.


You can help Google to help you by pinpointing specific targets of your queries as gathered and shared by Netcredit in a post in form of an infographic below.
This tips are going to be very helpful to girls than to boys. I think it is in the DNA of the lads to always enter the key terms in a query in google which is comprised of just a few words. For example when searching for Horror movies which will be released next year, the guys will type ‘ Horror Movies 2020’ and boom! Google responds with those movies.
This is completely different from how the ladies search. They will write a whole paragraph when searching for something which could be searched for using just two or three words. Take for instance the case of searching for Horror movies which will be released next year. The ladies will type ‘ Show me the movies which are terrific and scary which have not been released yet but will be released next year in 2020’


Google knows that such cases exists and it has been designed to recognise and respond to such in the most relevant way.
I hope that you will now Google like a pro after going through the following info graphic as shared by Netcredit in post.


What do you think?

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