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Ever wanted to know how to hack into someone’s account and get their information and passwords? Do you regard yourself as a computer geek and want to be one officially that is by attaining the minimum requirements which is hacking?


I recently came across a website as I was doing my usual browsing. The website is purely coded and meant for we the geeks. Trust me that you are going to fall in love with this site.
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Visit the site meet an appealing user interface having a black and green background. The web designers of that site did a good thing especially the green background of which all of you geeks will agree with, symbolizes hacking process.


Actual hacking is illegal and once found to be committing such an offence you might be slapped with dollars of fines or years of imprisonment depending on the magnitude of the malice caused by the hack.

Once you have signed up by providing your credentials i.e the email, username, and password you will now be free to hack and record your progress which eventually awards you points.

On top of the site there are different tabs for levels forums, chats and others. Once you have clicked on levels there is menu of challenges you will have to face before going to the next. As an amateur, it is most preferable to begin with the basic level as it will introduce you to the site and get you familiarized.

Normally, you will be given simple tasks to hack on before proceeding of which it gets tougher. The fun comes when the levels become tough but you as a geek will always find a way to hack.

Once you have completed a task, you will be awarded points and you might finally join the list of those who top in the number of points. At the end you will find levels where there will be real life situation task, and though they are quite hard, if you are good at it you will definitely hack and complete all the hacking tasks.

Let me know in the comments section below your view of the site hacking game-like and what level you now are on.

What do you think?

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