Thinking you know better than others? You Don’t!


In this world there exists some who will judge your intelligence by testing you based on the mere knowledge they possess. There comes a time when they raise their heads up high establishing that they are way too better than others. Not only do they do that but also go to an extent of attempting to intimidate you, calling you all sorts of names which refer to you as one who knows nothing.

This issue is not fiction at at all as is is based on a true life event.I have not only encountered myself in such a situation but also met a friend of mine Johannes, who at all times got intimidation from Wawas.

In most of their conversation, in which Wawas was the starter, they were mainly based on what Wawas had an interest in.Issues of the first and the second world war, the world powers and talks about the United States was all that Wawas would talk of. Though Johannes did not have an interest in these topics, he contributed less to the conversation.
Wawas thought that he was so intellect and felt the urge of intimidating Johannes by testing him with questions on the world war and the world powers. If Johannes failed to get a question right, Wawas would seize the opportunity and dirt Johannes spitting of how unknowledgeable especially in the field of general knowledge and at the same time blew his own trumpet claiming that he was more knowledgeable. Wawas acted as if he had a higher I.Q yet his was just half of what he thought he had!

Johannes kept his cool though never felt intimidated, as intellect people do not get sleepless nights due to small issues which the adage says affect small minds. He knew that if one is intellect, it is not necessary to go on around to show it by words rather than actions.

Tit for Tat is a fair game indeed, the old phrase goes! Johannes felt that the braggings of Wawas were getting out of hand and he needed to be kept in his place by force or by Newton. Since Wawas does not know much about skating, blogging, animating and generally complex computer related issues, Johannes seized the moment and started asking Wawas questions based on those fields. Nothing that Wawas answered was near the right answers.

Not long after, Wawas felt extremely intimidated and a fool. He now realized that actually he knew just a drop of the ocean yet all this time he thought he knew everything even the dew.He wore such an embarrassed face that he never again regarded himself as more intellect and knowledgeable that others.

What do you think?

Written by John


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