Tips on paying attention during a talk

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What is the importance of going to a seminar or a meeting and end up having gained nothing just because you did not pay attention? I do agree that there are many attention detractors that will leave you with having had heard nothing. Worry no more as after doing the following simple tips and tricks, you will be the best attentive person either in a meeting or a seminar or any other type of talk you engage in.

1.Wear less And loose clothes

Have you ever found yourself sleeping in the middle of a talk? Well the possible reason as to why you end up being temped to have a small siesta is the heavy and tight clothing you have. If you are sure that the weather is going to be sunny and obviously hot, then wear loose fitting clothes. But do not go to an extent of wearing improperly which might offend the other people. Choose your clothes wisely.

2.Switch off your mobile phone

If the situation allows i.e when you do not need to have to use your mobile devices, just switch is off. You will always be tempted to have a glimpse of the phone and you might lose some of the most important details and information relayed by the speaker.

3.Take notes

So the one giving the speech is boring yet your main intention is the content and you unfortunately find yourself at the mercy of your halfly closed eyes, just take short notes of what the speaker is saying. You will marvelously find out that the more things you write, the more open your eyes get.

note taking

4.Move closer

if the situation allows, then you can move closer to the speaker. Here you will kill two birds with the same stone as you will get to hear more clearer and at the same time your attention will be boosted as studies have indicated that the closer you are to the speaker the more attention you will pay.

5.Concentrate on how the speaker speaks

This will sound a little bit crazy but sure enough it will pay off. Focus on some of the little details concerning the speaker. For example listen and try to figure out how intellect the speaker is. Try to spot any funny pronunciations that the speaker may make and try not to laugh out loud when you hear any thing funny as you will be perceived by the others as mad and ill mannered.

Have you ever been in a situation that you find yourself not paying attention? What did you do in those situations? Let me know in the comment section below

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Written by John