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Why students dread going back to school

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What a long holiday season it was! But the bitter fact is that every good thing inside a timeline will have to come to an end. The holiday season is over and it is saddening that we will all go back to school ( well… some of us if not all). 
After spending all that time at home, going back to school is hardly an option and here are the things student dread of when going back to school.

The Routine

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There isn’t any routine as good as the one that students have at home. From the late-waking hours where most of us usually take brunch to taking all the other meals when we want and feel like we need. 
In school, everything is laid out according to the timetable that leaves the students no choice but to adhere to them. Waking time will always be very early in the morning followed by a cold bath( for those few who take).
The school routine is very different from the one students have at home where there is nothing planned out prior to the time other than basic things as eating and waking up. Activities at home take place when needs arises but are never planned.
The sleeping time in school is part of the school rules which has to be followed to the letter. If a student is meant to be asleep quarter past eleven, then fails and found out by the people in authority, hell simply breaks loose.

Unfinished Assignments

I will consider you a savage if you tell me that you have finished all the homework you were given in school. It is obvious that all the students will not have finished one or two of the assignments given before breaking for the holidays.
At home it is custom for students to make a timetable of how they will finish the assignment but it ends up in vain as no one follows it. Procrastination reigns a student’s assignment life and soon finds out there is no time left to finish the homework.
The look of the teachers if they find that their assignments has not been done haunts students day before going back to school. This leaves the students with no choice but to face the consequences of their choices. 
Students have crazy means of survival especially on the issue of unfinished assignments. One of them is copying the works of the students who finished their own assignments. Well this helps a little to avoid the harsh punishments of the teachers who seem not to understand that even though the holiday was long, it was made short when assignments were included.


Writing exams
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Has it ever happened to you as it has to me that of all the books you carry home with the aim of doing revision, you end up touching a small percentage of the books?
The thought of doing exams the first thing students go back to school freaks out those who have not done enough studying over the long holidays. 
This is a strategy used by teachers to ensure that students do some studies over the holidays. Well it has worked for some students who revise during the holidays. Those who never touched a book gets haunted by the thought of failing the exams.

Home Sickness

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The fact that one will have to let go of all the fun things one used to do at home freaks out many students. They get saddened by the fun they will miss when they head back to school.
From their girlfriends and boyfriends to their loving parents and fun friends to the school mates. Binge watching amazing series and movies will suddenly come to a halt once they enter the gates of the prison like schools where there is limited access to watching TV.
Awesome foods that they used to only used access at home will have to be replaced by the eat-to-feel-the-tummy food. Most of that food is never delicious as compared to the ones one used to have at home.
Leaving all that fun, food, entertainment, friend and family worries many students but they will have to eventually face it all. They will have to accept the sudden change of fun to a world of seriousness.

The Freedom

Every activity in school has a specific time allocated to it. Students do not just do anything at anytime. They have to follow the timeline of activities lest one gets into serious troubles with authority.
Whatever a student does at school is always backed by an eye of a teacher or a prefect ( a student leader). For one to do anything that is not according to the laid out timetable, one has to get written permission which lies in the mercy of the authority which can decide to grant you your wish or just back you off.

All in All

At the end of the discomforting circumstances related to going back to school, there are other good and fun things students do that overcomes the overwhelming sadness associated with going back to school.
Students get to make new friends and learn how to live along others of different personalities. This aides a lot in national peace as they all consider others as brothers and sisters regardless of their stories.

What do you think?

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